Hospital Appointments

Please do not contact us about your hospital appointments or results.

Please call the hospital or a specialist directly:

  • Royal Infirmary 0131 536 1000
  • Western General 0131 537 1000
  • St John’s 01506 523 000
  • Patient transport 0300 123 1236
  • You may find other useful numbers on the NHS Lothian Contact Us page.

Referral to hospital/specialist

Your GP may arrange for further tests to be carried out. If so, they will explain the arrangements for these tests and how you will get the results. These tests may be carried out at the practice or at hospital.
If your GP thinks that you need to be seen by a Specialist Doctor or other Healthcare Professional they will refer you. You cannot make an appointment to see an NHS Specialist without being referred by your GP.

If your GP refers you for further investigations and treatment they will send an electronic referral to the hospital within your catchment area. Please make sure the GP knows:

  • If there are any days you can not make
  • If you need an interpreter at your appointment
  • All of your up to date contact information

Once the hospital receive the referral you will be added to their Outpatient Waiting List.

The hospital will be in touch within 12 weeks.
If they breached the Treatment Time Guarantee, you should be offered the next available appointment and given an explanation given as to why the guarantee was breached.

The hospital will send you a letter with your appointment time, length, location 14 days before the appointment.

Patient Transport

Patient Transport Service provides ambulances to patients who need support to reach their hospital appointment. To find out if you are eligible please visit the Scottish Ambulance Service website.

Please call them on 0300 123 1236 at least one week in advance to arrange transport.

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